5 Ways Lighting Can Transform Your Space

Article Credit – Lauren Walters

Have you ever gotten stuck in a major design rut? Whether you’re an interior decorating junkie, or don’t know the first thing about home style, your space’s design can start to feel flat or uninteresting after you’ve gotten used to it. Rather than giving your house an expensive makeover every time you’re needing some new interior inspiration, consider a change in your home’s lighting.

Lighting can impact and improve everything about your house, from its architectural appearance to its color scheme. Updating to beautiful fixtures that reflect a new design sensibility is relatively easy, quick, and economical, not to mention refreshing and fun. A quick weekend lighting install could change your entire home. Here are just a few ways you can update your living space with new lighting:

Upgrade your design aesthetic

In the age of Instagram, it’s easy to get caught up in design trends and feel like your home is behind the times or outdated. You can easily and effectively change your design style by switching out a lighting fixture or two to reflect a new trend you love. Adding a more contemporary floor lamp will instantly refresh a room with older furniture. Even outside, new lighting will create an instant update that is both easier and more cost-effective than a front yard overhaul.

Be sure to select pieces that complement your current color palette, metallic finishes or overall design sensibility, and these fixtures will blend with the feel of your current space even as they provide fresh design appeal.

Shift your color palette

Need to breathe some life into your room? Try adding color. If you’re looking to change your home’s color scheme, introducing pops of brightness with accessories is an easy solution, no paint job required. For a sleek, playful look, include a fun and colorful table lamp or pendant light. If bright colors are too stark for your taste, pieces with shiny metallic finishes are a great option for warming up a room  without the dramatic hues. Copper is particularly hot these days; try a copper shade pendant light for a modern look. Adding new lighting is an effortless, sophisticated strategy to upgrade your palette.

Improve on your home’s technology

Gadgets for your house don’t have to end with Alexa. Today’s lighting fixtures feature innovative technology and updated sustainability practices that can enhance your daily life. Installing pieces from WAC Lighting or SONNEMAN is a great opportunity to practice eco-efficiency; their products are both produced responsibly and utilize energy saving technology. If your morning routine could use a little inspiration, try adding something truly futuristic: Electric Mirror offers amazing bathroom fixtures with Bluetooth technology that allows you to play music through a beautifully lit mirror. Yes, you can have a home that’s both “smart” and beautiful.

Establish the flow of your home

Whether you’re hoping to divide an open area into distinct “rooms,” or trying to open up an area of your house, lighting can help create distinct spatial divides. The open floor plans of new houses certainly have a modern feel, but it can be challenging to distinguish areas for living, dining, and cooking without walls. Bringing in pendant lighting overhead will help divide areas; just center lights over each area that you want separate.

One option: use a longer hanging pendant over a dining area to create an intimate feel, with flush mount lighting in a living room space to make it feel more open and relaxing. In smaller spaces with low ceilings, lighting can help make rooms look larger. Using brighter bulbs and fixtures that allow for expansive light will help make the room feel lighter, larger and more open.

Add personality

Sometimes, rooms just need an extra dose of fun. If your life or style is feeling serious, including whimsical pieces like a statement table lamp will add interest and personality without overwhelming guests. A subtle, modern piece will break up a more traditionally styled room. Or you can bring some cheer into a dark-toned or serious bedroom with a unique, playful accessory, even something as bold as a cactus.

Whatever your objective, style or budget, lighting is one of the most effective ways to change how your home feels when you walk through the door. Try something new with your lighting this weekend–you’ll feel the difference as soon as you flip the switch!