Cleaning & Maintenance: 5 tips for maintaining your carpets and rugs

We know that new custom wall to wall carpeting or large area rugs are a big investment.  Many of our clients ask us how to protect their new carpets and rugs from dirt, dust, and damage.  Here are 5 proven tips for making sure your investment stands the test of time.

1. Vacuum

According to the experts, we should be vacuuming our carpeting every week. You should whip out the hoover even more often if you have children or pets. Vacuuming isn’t only for removing dust and dirt from your carpet, it also removes grit and small rocks that can mar your carpeting over time. By vacuuming, you reduce wear and tear.

2. Steam Clean

In addition to vacuuming, everyone should have their carpets and rugs professionally steam cleaned at least once per year. Steam cleaning penetrates deep within your carpets fibers—it’s much more thorough than a vacuum. In fact, steam cleaning can add years to the life of your carpet.

3. Kick Off Your Shoes

Have you ever looked at the bottoms of your shoes after a stroll around your neighborhood? When we wear our shoes inside, we are bringing dirt and grime indoors. Institute a “no shoes” policy in your home to protect your carpeting. Plus, your guests will be able to enjoy the warm, soft feeling of carpet underfoot.

4. Use Rugs and Mats

A rug placed on top of carpeting might seem a little excessive, but it is a great way to protect the carpet underneath. Mats and area rugs should be placed in high traffic parts of the home—living rooms, hallways, and entryways—in order to reduce wear to the carpeting in those rooms.

5. Consider Carpet Color

When choosing new carpeting, make sure you consider the color and style of carpet for your unique needs. Darker carpeting can help mask dark dirt but will show the hair that your golden retriever sheds. On the other hand, light carpeting may hide dust but it is easy to stain. The choice depends on your individual preferences and lifestyle.

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