How to Create a Designated Space: Back to School Edition

Back-to-school season looks extremely different for families this year as many students will begin remotely learning from home. While kitchens and dining rooms once served as multi-functional spaces, doubling as temporary work and study desks, families are now finding the need to create designated spaces with a clearly defined function within the home.

This demand can be found in the recent spike in larger house sales, as homebuyers are searching for more space to both live and work in amid the pandemic. Having a dedicated workspace helps promote productivity, focus and establish a healthy work and school life balance while not interfering with the daily lives of family members.

From home offices and study spaces to music and game rooms, we have curated designated spaces for our clients and their families to ensure they can successfully focus on their work and enjoy their favorite past-times.

One particular client approached us with the need to create a devoted study space for their daughter that was conducive to both creativity and learning. It was important that it have all the organization of a classroom, be comfortable enough to complete work in both short spurts and longer timeframes all while ensuring it fit the overall design aesthetic of their home.

Here we focused on creating a space that removed clutter and distractions with a desk that comprised of multiple shelving and storage units. We brought in additional lighting through a desk lamp and Himalayan salt lamp to ensure a brighter space that promotes attentive learning. Finding a soft and comfortable chair was key to make it easy to focus and promote good posture.

When designing a room, we always keep in mind how the space can transform with its occupant in the years to come. As this is a young girl’s room, we took into account that her taste and personality may change in the coming years, which is why we chose a neutral palette for the walls, carpeting and furniture, while incorporating pops of vibrant color, patterns and youthful personality in the pieces that are more easily interchangeable such as the art, rugs, bedding and drapery.

Creating personalized designated spaces through comfortable, functional workstations, will boost learning and focus while effectively adding structure and balance that helps draw the line between school time and home time.