2021 Interior Design Trends

2020 was a defining year for everything but especially the collective relationship we each have with our homes. It used to be that our homes were a part of our busy lives, serving as a base between our work, commute, outings and plans. However, after many months of sheltering in place, many were forced to transform their living rooms into multifunctional spaces that now emphasized work, education, entertainment and hospitality, causing us all to have a much deeper appreciation for the roles our homes play in our daily lives. As we adjust the way we live, we must also adjust the spaces we live in, thus defining the following trends to reinvent and refresh your home for the year ahead:

  • Return to the Traditional
    • Traditional doesn’t have to mean a time warp. The comfort, beauty and timelessness of traditional design are what many people are craving today. People are seeking rooms that are both new and fresh, as well as familiarly comfortable – thus the gravitational pull toward traditional-leaning décor. The hallmarks of classic decorating, such as chintz, slipcovered sofas, skirted tables, simple silhouettes, needlepoint pillows, and glazed, solid-colored cotton fabrics are appearing once again in interiors, confirming that charm and elegance never go out of style. By utilizing performance fabrics for these beautiful traditional pieces, we are able to offer our clients gorgeous furniture that can withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • Classic Contemporary
    • Creating a classic contemporary space by blending a neutral palette with timeless lines and sophisticated furnishings lends to a compelling and meaningful ambiance for today’s traditionalists. Classic contemporary interiors reveal the beauty of decorative work, curtains, upholstery, and refined and inlaid forms in elements such as lamps or woodwork that take cue from the mid to late 70s. Through precise and meaningful accoutrements and layering tonal texture, you can achieve the desired look of soft elegance. To bring individual personality to the tone on tone space, try adding splashes of color through accessories.
  • Not So Open Floorplans
    • The need for rooms with doors, windows along with privacy is making a reappearance. More flexible and closed layouts will become the standard as many people are finding the need to have designated spaces in the home. Having these defined spaces allows homeowners to distinguish between work and play while creating cadence to their days. To maximize storage and functionality to a space, built-in furniture and shelving is the ultimate design solution.
  • Warm, Earthy Colors
    • Shades are warming up for 2021, as many are looking to add warmth, comfort and coziness to their homes, now more than ever. Dark jewel hues and rich earth tones evoke a sense of calm and create an inviting and relaxing space. If you’re more prone to neutral colors that bring you back to nature, try shades of brown including warm taupe, sand and beige.
  • Fabrics That Feel Good
    • When everything feels so chaotic in the world, it’s important to have something soft and comforting at home as an antidote. Touchable textiles such as velvet, mohair and soft bouclé are popping up more and more in everything from rugs to sofas to pillows. Our favorite décor is gorgeous, that goes without saying, but how they feel is just as important.
  • Smart Kitchens
    • These days, almost anything can be a smart device. Whether upgrading your kitchen or looking to do a full remodel, it’s important to invest in tools designed to make your cooking, clean-up and lifestyle easier. In addition to appliances, an upgrade to smart faucets is a stylish and functional option that allows you to turn the water on and off hands-free, thus minimizing the spread of germs. From controlling the flow to asking the faucet to dispense one cup of water for your cooking needs, the benefits of smart faucets are endless.
  • Outdoor Spaces
    • Our backyards have dutifully served a greater purpose these last few months servicing as office spaces, happy hour haunts, gyms, and a refuge to enjoy and be inspired by the beauty of nature. Outdoor living enhancements will certainly take center stage this year as more homeowners begin to think of their outdoor living spaces as an extension of their interior spaces.
  • Open Air Showers
    • Take the inside out by bringing home a luxury that’s usually reserved for a tropical holiday. Increasingly, we are seeing demand for merging interior and exterior spaces and with a design done right, you can enjoy an alfresco shower whatever the weather. With both beautiful and functional designs, outdoor bathrooms can be a show-stopping feature that’ll make you want to escape to your backyard.