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Our Services


We are an approachable team managing projects in private homes from start to a successful finish.  We help to put together a functional plan for your spaces. We listen and take great pride in the work we do in your home, creating the ultimate curated design experience for each and every client.


Our comprehensive commercial interior design service renders unique & awe-inspiring design to restaurants, office environments, retail spaces, boutiques, beauty salon’s & much more! We create a space that not only embodies your company’s culture, but is also engaging, functional & unique.


Whether it be a historical property or a property that needs updating, we can help.  Our expertise in exterior & interior design will help put together a functional floor plan, color scheme, furniture, fixtures, home decor & lighting for your spaces, creating the ultimate curated renovation experience.

New Builds

We are your new build team! We work with architects and contractors to help make selections for the properties they are developing.  We can also work with an individual homeowner, creating an unparalleled new build experience from concept to execution.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Implement & Execute

Meet: The first part of the design process is to meet the client.  We typically meet at the job site to do a thorough walk though and to get to know one another.   We as interior designers have very personal relationships with our clients, as it is important to learn about your family, things you enjoy doing in your home, necessities, things you love and are inspired by, things you can not live without, or wish to see in your home.  We need to fully understand the way you most enjoy living your life so we can create a space that is designed specifically for you and your family.  Agree: We share inspirational imagery & make notes on imagery.  We will ask you to search for images and leave us with information about what you love, like and don’t like at all. You may also provide us with inspirational images from magazines that best represent your taste is design & functionality.  We will agree on direction & style and continue moving forward with the idea & concept process.

Idea & Concept: After we have met and completed a walk through, we have a clear understanding of your goals & budget.  We want to be sure to deliver an unparalleled design experience with your budget in mind. The next phase of the interior design process is idea & concept.  We can use your existing floor plan or create new plans from the ground up by working with trade professional to field measure all of the spaces in your home.  It is here that we create an agreed upon flow to your space.

Design & Create: As your design team, we want to make sure all of your spaces incorporate great design & functionality.  After a concept is established, we will develop the scope of your space further by developing the home’s design features and selecting material finishes, plumbing fixtures, lighting, furniture and accessories.  This is a process that can include computer generated layouts, samples and material selections for review.  We will also meet in person, as materials are better felt then seen.  This is also the phase where we work closely with an architect to develop your construction Documents, including all RCP, Plumbing and Electrical plans (which some project require).

Implement & Execute:  When the design and selections of your home has been approved by you, the implementation process of the design begins. We prepare specification outlining in detail the intent of the design, as well as interior plans for General Contractors and sub-contractors. We will manage every aspect of your project, ensuring a flawless and timely execution from start to finish.

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